About Us

Bethel believes in welcoming all people as we seek to deepen or discover a relationship with Jesus Christ. We celebrate an open table of Holy Communion and are ready to engage in conversation over any faith and life topic because we want people to experience and know the Good News message of abundant life through Christ Jesus. This abundant life always comes from Jesus to us! And yet it comes alive all the more through shared relationships and experiences with one another.
We believe in this togetherness so much that we exalt and live by the practice of being a GiFT congregation: Generations in Faith Together! Here are our core beliefs (we are always ready for a discussion on beliefs and faith and God):
*All people are created by God.
*All people belong to a God who has created human beings in God’s image.
*God is the creator of all (we don’t get so hung up on the how of creation but are more concerned about the who of creation).
*God entered human history in an intimate way through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
*The Holy Bible is the cradle that holds Jesus and is God’s living word for us. All scripture should be interpreted through the lens of Jesus and the greater scope of who God is in the world.
*God loves, forgives, and frees us to love God, ourselves, and our neighbor.
*God changes lives through Jesus and Jesus calls us to:
*Worship God.
*Live lives of hope that center on gratitude and generosity.
*Practice compassion and justice for a hurting world.